Being the best and what that means

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#1  I would like to congratulate my good friends, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer for reaching a milestone by being inducted into Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers.  This, I'm my opinion, is long over due, but none less, they are inducted.  I know I can speak for everyone in our Stack & Tilt® Worldwide Camp, when I say "YES" and "CONGRATULATIONS!.  We are all incredibly proud to be affiliated with 2 of the finest, smartest, and just darn good people that Mike and Andy are. With that being … [Read more...]

Andy’s take on a conversation w/ Donald Trump


Last month in August, we held a golf school at Trump Colts Neck.  Donald Trump stopped by, and after some observation, in typicalDonald Trump fashion asked "what is Stack & Tilt?, I've heard a lot about it, what is it?  My answer was, Stack & Tilt is a system for playing golf built around a 3 dimensional description of the swing. How does it work?  In a rapid fire succession.....  Well, it's a centered shoulder turn, where the hands trace an arc, basically.... I responded.  Is it … [Read more...]

Zach Johnson = Consistent


Swing more like Zach Johnson to draw the ball and hit more consistent shots. Zach Johnson is known as being a very accurate player that can control his golf ball. He is also one of the best drawers of the golf ball on the PGA Tour. There are a few keys in his swing that make this possible: #1 –  He keeps his arms straight on his through swing. Which helps keep the path of the swing going down and out more. #2 –  He has no rolling in his hands or forearms. This allows for the … [Read more...]

Neck Tilts


Thanks Steve Sieracki for contributing this blog... Extending is not exclusive to the pelvis and thorax in the follow through, the neck also side bends and extends as well.  The neck extending and side bending on the follow through does a number of things. We will talk about the most two important pieces. #1 - It helps keeps the axis of the shoulder turn stable on the through swing and keep the shoulders turning in a circle. From the down the line view this will help keep the golfers head … [Read more...]

Flat Golf Swing?


Matt Kuchar – Rickie Fowler – Jason Dufner What do these three golfers have in common? Between them, these 3 players have won $9.5 million dollars so far this year on the PGA Tour. They also have some impressive similar stats:  Jason Dufner has won 2 times and has 5 top 10 finishes, Matt Kuchar has won 1 time and has 5 top 10 finishes, and Rickie Fowler has won 1 time with 5 top 10 finishes.  Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Each golfer listed and shown below has a low left arm at … [Read more...]

Weight at Impact


Many professional golfers may have different ways to swing the club in their backswing.  However, all highly skilled golfers have some similarities at impact with their weight and their spine. Here, at the Academy we strive to keep our students centered over the ball, we believe it makes the entire process of swinging a golf club an easier, simpler, repeatable model. But, we are going to discuss impact. Whether you shift your weight, re-route the club, or conform to great geometry on … [Read more...]

How do you Practice?


I have had the opportunity lately to help out some fellow golf professional friends, which has been very fun and flattering that they would trust their golf swing with me.  We are very fickle about our own golf swings, especially as golf professionals.  We want to display our skills at the highest possible level. (at least I do)  What is truly great about the Network of Stack & Tilt® instructors is that they are raising the bar and caring about not only knowing, but demonstrating.  I believe … [Read more...]

Bubba Watson…how and why is he so good?


Congratulations to Bubba Watson on his Masters win, this past Easter Sunday! There is a lot of discussion being had all across golf communities about Bubba Golf and its rawness and simplicity.  There are some very important factors in why Bubba is successful in how solid and far he hits the golf ball. Fundamental #1,  Bubba controls the low point in his golf swing – this allows Bubba to hit the golf ball solid every time. Fundamental #2, Bubba has enough power to play the golf course … [Read more...]

Hip Slide, How it Prevents a Slice


Hip slide is not a term you hear too often anymore in golf instruction. However, the hip slide is a key ingredient for power and contributes greatly to not slicing a golf ball.  When you look at the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players, in general (some more than others), slide their hips to move their weight forward  in their golf swing, while the amateur golfer has been told to turn their hips in a barrel, this does not allow the weight to shift forward as well and promotes the hips to open or … [Read more...]

The Right Leg – Straighten or Flex?


There has been a lot of discussion lately on the right leg and its role in the backswing (right handed golfer). What is the purpose of allowing the right leg to loose flex or straighten? Allowing the right leg to straighten is the beginning of a power piece in the golf swing. As you make your backswing, your right hip needs to turn, in order for it to turn, the right leg would need to loose flex or straighten. If you maintain the flex in your right leg, this restricts your hip turn, … [Read more...]