Accurate: Free from error; careful or meticulous

Aware: Having or showing knowledge; realization or perception

Awareness: Having knowledge of

Radical: Marked by a clear departure from usual or normal

Paradigm shift: A dramatic shift in methodology or practice

Axis: A point on which something centers

Conventional: customary; established. Not quite the same as traditional.

Pivot: A shaft or pin on which something turns around

Abstract: Not concrete; not readily defined; not easy to understand

Description: Discourse intended to give a mental image of something experienced

Informed: Having much knowledge or education

Fad: A temporary or fleeting fashion, notion, or manner of conduct

Nebulous: Indistinct, vague

Defined: Clearly characterized

Pattern: A form or model proposed for imitation; a reliable set of actions or tendencies

Tangent: Where a straight line touches a curve

Dogma: A tenet of doctrine authoritatively laid down

Placate: Making concessions to appease

Flying wedge: A moving formation resembling a wedge

Sophistication: To make more complex and inclusive; to refine

Level of sophistication: The level of refinement or awareness of complexity

Linear: Having the form of or resembling a line

Simple: Readily understood or performed

System: An organized set of interrelated ideas or principles

Lateral Flexion: Bending to one’s side (used in describing motions of the trunk and neck)

Extension: A section of line segment forming additional length

Taxonomy: The study of the general principles of scientific classification

Positive Loft: The act of increasing loft

Vague: Obscure; not clearly understood or expressed

Negative loft: The act of decreasing loft