Instructor Authorization – FAQs

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Why is the Stack & Tilt® Authorization program different?

This is the most comprehensive authorization program utilizing many cutting edge technologies within the golf industry. These technologies have exposed a need for the game to be explained and taught in a different manner. Stack & Tilt® provides a system that offers a new way to measure and teach the fundamentals that govern the swing and the game. This constitutes a paradigm shift and Stack & Tilt® instructors are leading the way.

Do you have to be a member of the PGA/LPGA to go through the Authorization Program?

No. It is not required. We believe great instructors may or may not be members of those organizations.

Does the Authorization Program require the purchase of equipment or material or and above what is provided in the program?

Yes, on occasion, there may be a need for the instructor to incur additional expenses.

Is there a playing ability test required to enter the program?

No. However, we believe an integral part of instruction is the demonstration of certain principles. We do require all instructors to be able to these demonstrations.

What are the qualifications necessary to enter the program?

Applicant must be a golf professional, who can demonstrate 2 years teaching experience, as well as, a desire to help golfers improve and enjoy the game.

What if I don’t pass a written test for my distinction?

We will provide additional training to help every instructor achieve their goals.

How long does it take to complete each accreditation?

Pace within the program is designed for the instructor’s discretion of how fast they may choose to move through the program.  Assistance will be given to each instructor to move at a speed that they are comfortable with to become an Authorized Stack & Tilt® instructor. This is a comprehensive a program and the intent is for the instructors to have all the information necessary to help their students, as well as, represent the Stack & Tilt®  brand with distinction.

How much support and content is available for people who complete each distinction?

There will be online support and content available through the Stack & Tilt® Website, blogs and social media.  These resources will contain golf instructor content which will help you reach your individual teaching goals.

What is the Stack & Tilt® Teacher Authorization cancellation and refund policy?

Once an application is submitted and accepted, a refund will not be issued.

Network, Authorized or Expert.

Is there an ongoing fee to be a Network, Authorized or Expert Instructor?

The purchase of any distinction (Network, Authorized, & Expert) includes a one-year membership as a Program Instructor.  This one-year membership is automatically renewed annually via the PayPal Recurring Payment System, on the same date as purchase of subsequent distinction.  Should you want to continue your membership after the end of one year, without the purchase of the next distinction, the annual fee is $150.00.  This membership includes all web content on the Instructor only section of the Stack & Tilt® website, support documents (if necessary), email address, ongoing web information, videos, Authorized Instructor Locator/listing, limited use of appropriate logos.  Except in the case of automatic renewal of a one-year membership in connection with the purchase of a higher distinction, failure to pay the annual fee will result in the instructor losing access to all content described in the preceding sentence afforded to Instructors.

When do you get listed on the instructor locator?

When an instructor has completed the requirements necessary within the Network program.

Do I have to attend a golf school with Mike Bennett & Andy Plummer?

No.  You may attend a golf school at an official Stack & Tilt® Golf Academy location.

Does payment have to accompany the application?

No, an invoice is sent via PayPal.  Payment must be complete within 2 weeks prior to the authorization training date.