The Record

Many of our critics and supporters, alike, are unclear on the timeline of our association with and coaching of various professional golfers. The information below highlights our professional pupils and graphically represents their improvement during their time with us- serving as a means of “setting the record straight”. As we continue to teach our systematic approach to improving the golf game, we will be sure to add new information and developments as often as possible!

Aaron Baddeley
Aaron met Mike and Andy through the recommendation of Steve Elkington and Tommy Armour at the end of the 2005 season. He won his first tournament in 2006. In 2007 he won again and later that fall he won for a third time the Australian Masters for three wins in two years. During this time his world ranking went from 170th to 17th, including 7 top 10s on his way to finishing 6th on the FedEx Cup in 2007. He made 7 million dollars with 12 top 10s and 27 top 25 finishes in this period. He has not worked with Mike and Andy since Mar 12, 2009. His world ranking on that date was 34.

Alex Cejka
Alex has practiced with Mike and Andy plus their friend Chris Gustin semi regularly since memorial 07. Alex has successfully stayed in the top 125 in 07, 08 and 09 recording.

Steve Elkington
Steve met up with Mike and Andy at the 84 Lumber classic near the end of the 2004 season. They began practicing in the winter of 2004. Steve’s world ranking was in the 400s. In 2005 it climbed to 49th including a 2nd place in the 2005 PGA Championships at Baltusrol where he lost by one shot to Phil Mickelson. He made 16 of 20 cuts and recorded his lowest stroke average that year of any year five years before or after. They continued to practice until Feb of the 2006 year in which Elkington was ranked 54th in the world.

J.J. Henry
Henry met up with Andy at the Firestone Event in 2008. He had made 10 cuts in 17 events and his best finish was 30 while being ranked 175th on the money list. He finished the season with two 4th place finishes in 10 events and has followed with a 2nd and 5th this season equaling a 2nd and two 4ths and 5th in on calendar season. JJ currently practices with Mike and Andy.

Tim Herron
Tim Herron at New Orleans in March of 2006 sat in on a conversation between Mike and Tommy during a rain delay of a practice round. Tim became interested in Mike’s explanation and asked Mike to watch him hit a few. He had his best week of the year to date finishing 7th. Subsequent practice at the Byron Nelson the following week and practice round and supervision with Dean Wilson and Andy at the Byron Nelson found Tim in the winners circle. He continued his practicing for the following couple of weeks where he had the third lead in Memphis. When approached by a reporter at the US Open about any tips he had received from Andy and Mike Tim felt uncomfortable acknowledging them. Tim had other relationships that he wanted to preserve.

Dustin Johnson
Dustin began practicing with Mike and Andy at Barclays Classic in 2008. They practiceed  every week together for four consecutive weeks. On the 4th week Dustin won his first tournament, The Turning Stone Classic and went from 357 in the world to 155. They have not practiced together since except for a few minutes in Scottsdale that Fall.

Franklin Langham
Franklin met Mike at The Peek and Peek classic 1/7/07/. He was introduced by Tom Scherrer. He had made 3 cuts in 11 events on The Nationwide Tour to that point. He practiced with Mike and followed that with a victory 1 month later at The Utah Energy Solutions Classic. He practiced with Andy just prior to the Nationwide Tour Championship in November and one time with Mike in December of 07. Mike and Andy have not practiced with Franklin since December 07.

Bill Lunde
Lunde had left professional golf. He began hitting balls with Dean Wilson. Bill’s play improved and he ventured back into professional golf. In visits with Dean Wilson, Bill met Mike and Andy and began implementing the basic pieces as they applied to him. Upon earning his way to the Nationwide Tour became acquainted with Grant Waite who along with Dean provided Bill with direction when it was needed. In 2009 Bill earned his way to the PGA Tour through the Nationwide Tour and in his rookie season secured his priviledges for 2010. His was ranked as low as 1500 but now Bill is currently 255 in the world.

Will MacKenzie
Met Andy and Mike at the Turning Stone Classic on 7/23/06. They practiced for several hours that day, followed by sessions in Reno Classic on 8/27/06. He practiced with Mike and Andy semi regularly in the 2007 season recording top 10s and 6 top 25s in his most consistent season to date.They practiced one time in 2008 at Phoenix in 2008.

Troy Matteson
Troy approached us with some questions about his golf at The John Deere Tournament in July of 2009. He was in the 160s on the money list. In October after making 7 straight cuts and shooting rounds of 65 or less the previous 2 weeks, Troy won the Frys Open for the 2nd win of his career.  He went from the 160s to 55 on the money list in that period.

Arron Olberholser
In the late summer of 2008, Andy and Mike visted Arron to watch him in Scottsdale. When Arron resumed play he missed the cut in Las Vegas and then finished 4th at the Frys.Com Open in Scottsdale making 200,000. This was Arron’s best finish in 20 starts. Arron did not play any more events in 08. He practiced with the boys in the winter of 08 and played the first event in Hawaii. He then played at the FBR Open in Scottsdale and missed the cut by a shot. The following week Andy watched Arron play 5 holes with his confidant and coach. Arron Olberholser stopped practicing with Mike and Andy following that tournament.

Tjaart Van Der Walt
Introduced to Mike and Andy by Grant Waite in July of 2005 at the BC Open. Tjaart had made 1 cut in 6 events. He made 3 of the next 4 cuts and went on to 2nd losing in a playoff to Brad Faxon at the Hartford event. They practiced for the remainder of the 2005 season in which time Tjaart earned 544 thousand dollars of his career 917 dollars. His world ranking was in the 500s before then went to 170s and now is currently in the upper 600s.

Mike Weir
Weir met Mike and Andy in a practice round in 2006 and knew of them from his friend Dean Wilson. They began practicing at the end of the 2006 season. Mike was ranked 45th in the world. They practiced for 2 years and the first third of 2009. In this time Mike went from 45th in the world to 19th, he won his first tournament in 5 years. In 2 1/3 years he also accumulated three second place and 13 top 10 finishes while finishing 6th in the 2008 Fed Ex Cup. He was ranked 20th in the world in April, the most recent time he practiced with Mike and Andy.

Charlie Wi
Wi met Mike and Andy through Steve Elkington at Hartford on 8/28/2005. He had made 7 cuts in 17 events and had never finished in the top 125 on the PGA Tour. Two weeks later he held the first round lead at 84 Lumber and soon followed by a T5, his best finish on the PGA Tour at The Farm Bureau Classic. He won on the European Tour in 2006. Charlie regained his PGA Tour status the following season which he has kept 3 straight seasons recording three 2nd place finishes 10 top 10s and 24 top 25 finishes. Making 5 million dollars on the PGA Tour.

Dean Wilson
Met Mike and Andy through Grant Waite near the end of the 2004 season and soon after record his best finish of the season at the Valero Classic. He practiced with Mike and Andy the 2005 season finish 89th on the money list, his best in the US. In 2006 he went won his first tournament the 2006 International on his way to finishing 22nd on the money list, a career best. He has finished in the top 70 on the money list 3 straight seasons having never before maintained a position in the top 125 before.