Stack & Tilt® Academy – FAQs

Academy Golf Schools

Why the Stack &Tilt® swing system?

Some like to make a big deal of whether they should or should not “convert” to Stack & Tilt®, as if they are crossing over an imaginary line to the dark side. The implication being that one must make some radical shift in one’s technique or understanding of the way they play golf. The beginner golfer spends their limited time, money, and formative hours learning “fundamentals” that are not remotely standard among the game’s best players. This means that they are not fundamental at all. We believe the game of golf is fundamentally misinterpreted. The progression for learning golf is out of order because the fundamentals of the game are poorly defined. Furthermore, the rules that govern how the ball flies are fundamentally misunderstood. Thus, golfers have no understanding of the essential mechanics of the swing and do not understand how to correct their ball flight. Consequently, they default to bits of jargon, handed down dogma, or clichés that have little to no bearing on the problems that afflict them. All of this results in a barrier to entry to golf that is too high for most beginning players. Golfers routinely leave the game out of frustration, lack of direction, or improvement that is too slow to justify. Golf needs to be presented as a workable challenge for the beginning player that adds sophistication, as the players desire to improve increases or as the expert players situation necessities.

Is there a follow up program after my school?

We offer an extensive follow up program in which you can email or call your instructor after your school. You can also send in a video of your swing for review and feedback.

What is the Teacher-to-Student Ratio of your schools?

At The Stack & Tilt® Golf Academy our student teacher ratio is 2:1. This includes golf schools that our hosted by Academy Instructors or by Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.

Is there a minimum age to attend the School?

There is no minimum age to participate in any of the instructional opportunities at The Stack & Tilt® Golf Academy. Our staff has developed specialized instructional opportunities to introduce or enhance the game of golf to the youth of our sport.

Do you change a person’s game completely?

The question we pose is, “What constitutes a swing change?” The fact is that golfers of all abilities routinely change their swings. They experiment daily with different swing thoughts or feels that address problems or reoccurring errors. Does this qualify as a swing change? If so, this process happens all the time, but is not always noticeable to anyone but the golfer or the closest observers. The point of this is that we do not necessarily change everything about every student’s swing to fit some preconceived notion about the swing we may have. What we do is establish some order to the process and help players find a predictable pattern to playing golf, which ultimately takes less time.

Are your schools popular with women?

Our latest research tells us that approximately 30% of our students are women and that number continues to increase each year. We are continually adding programs exclusively for women.

What clothes do I need?

On the course, traditional golf attire is expected. With regard to varying climates, our representatives can also provide approximate temperature ranges for each site.

Are your golf schools suitable for seniors?

Absolutely! The pace of instruction is on an individual basis and you may stop and rest at any time.

Can I set my own dates and times for my school?

We offer a variety of dates for golf schools at all Academy locations. We will also custom design a program to accommodate your needs.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we provide gift certificates that can be used at any of our Stack & Tilt® Golf Academy locations.

Which airport should we fly into?

We recommend for West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach International Airport and for the Mt. Holly location, you may use Newark or Philadelphia International Airport.

What is your cancellation policy if I am unable to attend school?

Our cancellation policy provides a full refund if canceled prior to 30 days of your first scheduled school date. If you cancel within 30 days of your first scheduled school date, we will refund 75% of the purchase price. If you cancel within seven days of your first scheduled school date a refund will not be issued and you will have one year to reschedule.

Do you offer programs that would be of interest to corporations?

A well-planned golf outing can develop and improve relationships with current or potential clients and employees. Our corporate programs offer the ultimate combination of business and golf. We tailor a program specific to your company’s goals and needs. We work with your meeting planners to create the perfect golf outing for your company. Events of any size, large or small, can be accommodated from one hour to an all day event. Our team will handle every detail to make sure your golf event is a wonderfully memorable and educational experience for all who attend.