Stack & Tilt® Academy – Student Testimonials

PGA Tour Winner Grant Waite

“If you want a systematic approach to learning the golf swing, then the Stack and Tilt Florida Golf Academy is for you. I guarantee your level of knowledge and application of the principles that govern the golf swing will improve.”  -PGA Tour Winner – Grant Waite


“Melainey, along with the Stack and Tilt approach, have been an important part of developing my golf game.  She is an amazing instructor who can help in every aspect of your game.  Besides being a very competent instructor, she has helped by mental approach as well as my physical fitness.  The Stack & Tilt approach has been a great benefit to my golf career and I would highly recommend it for anyone, at any level”- Chris K.

Stack & Tilt® Golf Swing“Last Sunday was my first game of golf after the clinic and I shot 78, which was the first time I shot under 80 in ten years….I was so happy…WOW!  Thanks again for your patience & help with my swing as well as a great clinic day!” – Michel

Stack & Tilt® Golf Swing